What should I wear?

In warm weather, loose clothing i.e. t-shirts, trainers or flip flops (no Wellington boots). Please be aware when the sun is out it could reflect off the water making it hot, so dress accordingly to minimise risk of sunburn (bring a hat and sun tan lotion). Weather conditions can change very quickly during the hire period and customers should also be prepared for cooler conditions by bringing fleeces etc. In our experience children can get quite cold after 2 hours, particularly when getting wet using sit-on-top kayaks, so bring a towel and change of clothing. Windproof and waterproof tops are ideal for children.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive promptly for your allocated launch allowing time to be kitted out with buoyancy aids and paddles, and have time to be fully briefed. If you are late you may find your craft is no longer available.

Will I get wet?

Be prepared and dress according for the forecasted weather conditions, including a waterproof coat if rain is due. Although it is unlikely to happen, you will obviously get wet if you capsize a Canadian canoe, but they are very stable craft.

Is there space on a canoe to store extra clothes?

You will be provided with a ‘dry bag’ to take extra clothing with you on the boat. It would be advisable to keep a spare set of clothing and towels in your car for your return.

Will I get muddy?

We have a pontoon to get you to the water and back without getting muddy at any stage of the tide.

If I change my mind at the start of the hire and don’t want to go on the river, will I get my money back?

Yes, we won’t let anyone go on the river unless they feel confident.

Are there any washing or toilet facilities at Iken Canoe?

There are no toilets, changing or washing facilities so please remember this prior to your arrival with us. The nearest toilets are at Snape Maltings (5 minutes drive away).

Can I buy anything to eat or drink?

We don’t currently offer snacks or bottled water. Please remember this when planning your visit.

Can I go paddling on my own?

British Canoeing recommends that people should not paddle alone and so we do not allow it for safety’s sake.

What’s the youngest age you allow children on the water at Iken Canoe?

We only accept children aged 7 and upwards. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied on the water by an adult if they wish to go in our craft.

Should I go on the water if I can’t swim?

Buoyancy aids must be worn at all times when hiring our craft, but we do not allow people on the water if they cannot swim. We do offer additional floatation in the form of lifejackets for those who are particularly nervous of the water.

Do you hire wetsuits out?


Shall I bring a mobile phone?

We think that having a mobile phone with at least one of you in your party when on the water is a good idea as you can stay in touch with us if required. We provide dry bags as part of the hire, however responsibility for your phone is yours, and we cannot be held responsible if it is damaged in any way.

Can we take dogs in the canoes?

While we love dogs, the government body responsible for this estuary does not permit dogs to be taken out on the water in our canoes. So please leave them at home or with someone who is shore-based when you come canoeing. Dogs cannot be tied up at our base and left unattended while you are out canoeing.

What should we NOT bring?

Items that could be damaged if they get wet. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any of your possessions, so please leave valuables at home rather than in your car which will be parked in a publically accessible place.
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